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You are here; this is my first sample of techical designs.

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  This is an ink drawing of a shed and wheels in Titusville, PA.This was inked from a photograph of a wheel sitting on the grounds of the Drake Well Museum,
Titusville, Pennsylvania
The drawing has a special significance for me because I was raised around Oil Wells my entire life.  My father has drilled and serviced Oil Wells since he was a teenager.  My family and friends have also been involved with servicing oil wells that were drilled before the 1900's into the 1980's.  The Oil Industry of Pennsylvania is a love he still carries within him, and it is my history and heritage.
Ink drawing of laboratory test furnace from Applied Test Systems, Inc. in Butler, Pennsylvania.     For three and a  half years, I worked at Applied Test Systems, Inc. in Butler, Pennsylvania (1999-2003). 
I wrote and designed technical manuals, photographed test equipment, and created press releases and advertisements for trade magazines. My full length articles have appeared in "Process Heating" and "International Ceramics."
      I can say it was a wonderful place where to work, because of the kind, caring, and efficient people that work in the office, production plant, and service departments.  Applied Test Systems, Inc. has manufactured materials test equipment and laboratory equipment since 1965.  The company was founded by Norm Carrol.
     This ink drawing of a 3210 Laboratory Furnace is not available for prints; but if you have equipment that you would like to see inked from a photograph, you may commission me to render any piece of equipment from a clear photo that you would provide.
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