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Renee D. Rottman  graduated with an
Associate in Graphic Design from
Butler County Community College,
Butler, PA in the
Spring 2008 Semester.

This Page is dedicated to Mr. Poo and Blackie, my meow meow superbs.

Mozilla Firefox users please note that kitty story is pushed to the far right, off of the page. I will try to fix the problem in the immediate future.
Fall leaf from NW Pennsylvania in Celtic Knot Design This is a demon cats Celtic design I created for one of my graphic design classes at Butler County Community College, Butler, PA. Fall leaf in knotwork design.
Happy cat has a ribbon of celtic design.

Oh, there lived a happy cat in
a land far-away

     But, sometimes, he would run and trip on his pink ribbon. Then there came a fairy from a forest, filled with thousands of glistening pools and deep-purple violets.
      The fairy smiled and said, "Oh, Little One, I hear thy plight!" and she tapped his ribbon, thereby making it shorter and of the same substance of the magical ponds in her land. "Oh, it seems so much lighter and shorter now," the kitten said. 
From then on, he meowed and mured and played like every kitten should.

Demon Cats & Happy Cat, Ink Drawings &
PA Leaf Designs
by © Renee D. Rottman 2012-2014 

© Renee D. Rottman 2012-2014 All Rights Reserved.