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Renee D. Rottman is presently an English, Micro computing, and Graphic Design tutor at the
Cranberry Township Campus
Butler County Community College (BCCC)

The girl in jeans was a casual outfit I redesigned slightly that I created with colored pencil.

Here is a church logo designed by Shawn Covington and Renee D. Rottman.
Note: Site Designed with Microsoft Expressions.
Here is a technical drawing of a flower.  The following artwork on this page is just a small sample of fashion designs, computer, and hand work I have done.
A. Left: The flower was Designed in Adobe Illustrator with the center of the pot as a scanned in lablel.
B. Below: Groovin' Cats was done in Pastel Pencil.
E. The Sexy Jungle Cat Girl and the Girl wearing bejeweled jeans were both done in colored pencil.
G. Both the Art Deco Girl and the The Art Nouveau Girl were done on the computer with items from the internet, which were merged into Adobe Photoshop and repainted in the program.
Here is a design that came from some cheap plastic jewelry.
The Jungle cat girl with lettering was designed in pencil for a graphic desgin class. Although I enjoy drawing animals the best, I decided to merge both ideas with this design. The lettering idea was inspired from the lettering in the Sin City movie.

The Sexy Jungle Cat Fashion Girl is available for prints as are the Art Deco Girl and the Art Nouveau Girl..
This is a different style of dress and girl I designed for my class.
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